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Gmail as we know is the fastest navigation email domain. Gmail users love sending official and personal emails, as it is fast, secured and reliable. Google’s Gmail is a step ahead of other email domains available on the world wide web. If you find any issue view our blogs.


This is because once the email is downloaded to your computer it generally is deleted from the Verizon server and therefore you will be unable to view them via the web. This is an easily rectifiable problem and the solution is to change your settings so you can view your emails both from your offline email client as well as your verizon email account. 


The SBC (Southwestern Bell Corp) initiated its steps into the internet providing service with the name SBCGlobal. They are the best internet connection provider in the USA. In 2005 the SBC bought AT&T and changed its name to AT&T. So we can even say that SBCGlobal is powered by AT&T.


Yahoo mail is one of the most versatile methods of email service. Yahoo mail which is owned by Yahoo! is an on growing free email service with growing number of users and features. Yahoo allows users not only the flexibility of easy email service and storage but also change some personal information when required.

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