Google is known for tons of different services and one of the most popular among these services is Gmail. But even though the services offered by Gmail are great, it is far from perfect.

The IMAP issue has been causing inconvenience to the users for quite a while now. In case you are also facing this issue, read this blog till the end to know how to fix this issue without breaking a sweat. 

Let us take a look at the steps to fix IMAP.Gmail not responding issue for iPhone

  • Foremost, you can try to force quit the application. Even if the application is running in the background, several variables are stored in it.
  • If force quitting doesn't help, you can try to email your account. This simply jerks your account and forces it to get its modules up and running.

You can also try to update your operating system or your email client of Gmail. Doing so may very well fix when Gmail IMAP is not working. These simple tips can help a user to fix the Gmail IMAP error on iPhone with relative ease.

For any further info or queries regarding the IMAP issues, simply contact the help and support center of Gmail to know all about it.